As signatories to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement anticipate the announcement that the United States is withdrawing its support for the historic document, climate activist organizations are launching a grassroots campaign to pressure their elected representatives to #SavetheEPA.   The Sierra CLub is test driving the Town Hall Project 2018 database to

What are the heroic actions that can save the planet from climate chaos? Solar panels? Electric cars? COP climate talks? All these heroes have been celebrated for decades – whilst the damage from climate instability continues to worsen mercilessly. We urgently need a new hero with new superpowers to save

Dayo Awosola is an accomplished technology entrepreneur from climate-vulnerable Lagos in Nigeria. He joined more than 6000 people in Paris for the 11th annual Conference of Youth (COY11) to help gather and present the youth voice just before the official COP21 climate summit. While chatting with Dayo we quickly discovered