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Empowering youth to combat climate change

The task of climate rescue can feel daunting. Where do you start with the new policy, infrastructure and lifestyles urgently needed to switch humanity from wrecking to restabilizing the climate? This big switch should and could be made quickly but it’s controlled by a small switch in our heads that’s

What are the heroic actions that can save the planet from climate chaos? Solar panels? Electric cars? COP climate talks? All these heroes have been celebrated for decades – whilst the damage from climate instability continues to worsen mercilessly. We urgently need a new hero with new superpowers to save

The failure of government officials to adequately represent the necessity to actively involve youth within the framework of the Sustainble Development Goals (SDGs) is further fueling collaboration among numerous organizations championing the rights of youth to determine their future. Reporting on this month’s negotiations on the Post 2015 Agenda, Path