The Virtual Cookstove Challenge

2050kids invites people from around the world to take part in The Cookstove Challenge, an interactive global learning experience.

The challenge engages participants in constructing the Climate Rescue Can Cookstove, a biochar-producing cookstove which captures carbon from the air and rejuvenates soils. The cookstove was designed by 2050kids advisor James Greyson and has been fine tuned for over a year for release via open sourced infographics.

The ‘endgame’ of the challenge is to facilitate locally directed learning activities which involve communities in a hands-on process to discover the value of biochar in improving the soil in community or market gardens.

Download the simple infographics and accompanying materials and get started today!


Participate in the Challenge

To virtually participate in the challenge:

  • Download the infographics and accompanying materials
  • Gather the materials and tools (or find substitutes)
  • Start building
  • Share images, comments, and suggestions with us

For background on our hands-on work on the Cookstove Challenge with California youth, visit the Cookstove Challenge page.