About Deborah Phelan

I have worked in the environmental arena with a focus on climate change and equity for over 30 years. Before launching 2050kids in 2015, I previously founded other two nonprofits — Millénaire: The Third Millennium Education Project and FluidArts. Both international collaborations focused on the role of cross-cultural education via the interplay of Information and Communication Technologies, the arts, and the sciences. A member of the WiserEarth Advisory Board for four years, I directed WiserBayArea for two years while launching Transition Town Mill Valley. I have covered the UNFCCC climate talks for CGIAR’s Global Landscape Forum, tcktcktck, Post Carbon Institute’s Resilience, and was a member of the Earth Island Institute delegation to COP19 in Warsaw. I was a member of the Climate Action Network coverage of the UN Climate Summit in 2014. Today, I run 2050kids as a climate change advocacy blog while assisting other international nonprofits as copy editor and writer. I am a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists. Interested in collaborating? Contact me at deborahphelan@gmail.com.

The core values which underpinned the philosophy of 2050kids remain vital to my mission today.

  • 2050kids believes in the principle of intergenerational equity — the belief that every person has the equal right to sustain their geographic and cultural identity and be equally involved in shaping their future.
  • 2050kids supports empowering the world’s most vulnerable populations, those which are disproportionately impacted by a changing climate.
  • 2050kids spotlights Traditional Environmental Knowledge (TEK), tapping into inherent skills and imagination to create sustainable livelihoods.