The Need For Urgent Action


“Policy decisions made today will determine whether migration becomes a matter of choice amongst a range of adaptation options, or merely a matter of survival due to a collective failure by the international community to provide better alternatives.” – In Search of Shelter.

By 2050, an estimated population of 9.7 billion faces unprecedented disruptions to vital ecological and social systems unless we begin reversing climate change.

  • Billions of people risk displacement
  • 75% of the world population face the possibility of severe water shortages
  • Food insecurity will be rampant unless crop yields increase by 70%
  • Over 1/3 of all plant and animal species faces extinction
  • Malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress could cause 250,000 additional deaths annually
  • With average global temperatures minimally rising by 2°C -3°C, the disappearance of the Arctic ice cap could obliterate global ocean circulation
  • Mega-droughts, devastating heat waves and flooded coastal cities jeopardize the lives of billions

A vision of the world in 2050 characterized by a healthy co-existence between the planet and the people remains possible. If we act now.