If women hold up half the sky, why will it take over 138 years to close the gender pay gap? Why is the gap between men and women’s access to the Internet estimated to be 250M? Why are women and girls  not only under-represented as tech “consumers” but as tech creators?

A #ClosetheGap Twitter Chat earlier today focused on the Digital Gender Divide, providing some highly inspirational stories about efforts underway to elevate the opportunities available to women in the tech sector.

The chat was hosted by TechSoup, Global Fund for Women,Women Who Code and MIT IDE Inclusive Innovation Challenge.

One of the most inspirational stories was submitted by Isis-Women’s International Cross-Cultural Exchange(Isis-WICCE) (@IsisWICCE) about their project to establish three women-only internet cafés by distributing computers to women’s groups in Uganda.  Founded to “ignite women’s leadership, amplify their voices and deepen their activism in re-creating peace,” Isis is a feminist organization working in conflict and post-conflict areas. 

Global fund for Women suggested that “Access, control and the ability to access technology is a women’s human rights issue. Women and girls are not only under-represented as tech consumers but as tech creators.” 

GFW has published the 8 ways you can be a champion for women action toolkit