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  • to combat climate change.

By 2050, prolonged droughts, extreme weather events, increases in temperatures, and rising sea levels present an unprecedented threat to a projected world population of 9.5 billion. Elevated levels of greenhouse gasses will render many parts of the world uninhabitable, while presenting unimaginable impacts on the entire planet.

As threats from climate change grow, so also does the need for cooperation between all sectors of society to reverse its impacts.

After 20 years of international summits, official negotiations offer little promise of reaching an adequate solution to the problems of global warming. Current scenarios focusing primarily on adaptation and mitigation lack the imagination and inspiration to look beyond the antiquated system that created the current crises.

The only possible solution involves a radical shift in thinking, one which refocuses our attention and efforts on the application and implementation of a global system built from the coalescing of self-sustaining local economies. The success of these small-scale shifts, regardless of the constraints of time and distance, can result in significant shifts in complex global systems.

We must respond to climate chaos by embracing creative chaos into our thinking. To find answers which are not intended to lessen the urgency of complex problems but to solve them.

Involving youth in new education models based upon systems thinking is integral to the success of this endeavor.