Emerging young Marin climate activists are incorporating Traditional Environmental Knowledge to produce an ancient soil amendment which sequesters carbon while increasing crop yields in their school and community gardens. Students at the Marin City Conscious Kitchen Community Garden at Martin Luther King Academy and the Sausalito New Village School are

What can we do about climate change? The Best Climate Practices Observatory has just announced its fifth challenge “Building local resilience to climate disaster risk, in a search for innovative best practices to address the severe danger from extreme weather events. The 2017 contest, which begins March 13 and runs

Reporting both live and virtually from Bonn, Germany, The Global Festival of Ideas launched its three day revolutionary “playable conference” today with word that it’s not too late for you to chime in. The “Playable Conference” is mixing digital platforms, ‘trialing’ new ideas and fostering innovative collaborations to catalyze heretofore